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Court rules that MIVILUDES has defamed ‘Tradition, Family and Property’

On 2nd July, the Court of Appeals in Paris upheld an earlier judgement that MIVILUDES be found guilty of defamation against the French Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). MIVILUDES is the acronym for the French government’s inter-ministerial agency that monitors and reports on what it considers to be harmful religious movements and organisations.

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Rudy Salles The Protection of Minors Against Sectarian Influence

I am writing not only to support FOREF’s complaint against Mr. Salles but to alert you to newly discovered facts that provide further proof that Mr. Salles is in breach of the PACE rules requiring objectivity and neutrality for Rapporteurs. In October 2012, the newspaper Nice Martin interviewed Mr. Salles and reported he had been appointed to the Board of MIVILUDES in October 2012. A copy of that news article dated 22 October 2012 is attached. Given MIVILUDES position and policies on the subject, this, in and of itself, constitutes a serious breach not only of the Code of Conduct for Rapporteurs but also of the Code of Conduct for Members of the Parliamentary Assembly. Mr. Salles should, at the very least, have removed himself as Rapporteur upon acceptance of this appointment.

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