In 2011, deployments of armed forces  against peaceful groups are still going on  On February 22, 2011, in Nyons in the Drôme area, 70 gendarmes, assisted by the Assistance and Intervention Unit for Sectarian Abuses (CAIMADES), a specialized police created at the...

Pharmaceutical Lobby and Anti-religious Lobby

A hushed up report and a vanished law His name is Nicolas About and until January 2011, he was a senator. In the midst of the scandal of AFSSAPS [French equivalent to the FDA] and the laboratories (see cover story), he surreptitiously left his post—quietly resigning...

Miviludes and the Pharmaceutical Lobby

When Vested Interests Meet the Pharmaceutical Lobby and Anti-religious Lobby Georges Fenech, head of the Miviludes, stated when issuing the 2010 report of his Mission: “Anything natural is suspect as a front for cult abuses”. This strange orientation may be easier to...
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