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CAP Liberté de Conscience is a secular European created in 1995 and dedicated to protect the Right of Freedom of Religion and Belief. We combats all forms of discrimination based on religion or belief by alerting European and International bodies. We collects testimonies of discrimination and human rights violations affecting religious or belief communities in order to disseminate them to international bodies, and in order to raise awareness and inform them as well as to generate debate on the protection of Freedom of Religion and Belief. We also advocates for any religious or spiritual group facing discrimination to have their right to Freedom of Religion and Belief recognized.

International Human Rights Committee

The International Human Rights Committee (IHRC) is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation focusing on freedom of religion or belief. The IHRC has specific expertise and experience of working with marginalised religious groups and advocating their precarious position to bring about effective change so that they can enjoy the same rights as other citizens


Thousands  of Ahmadi  Muslims  in  Germany who  have fled  severe  religious persecution in Pakistan are awaiting a decision on their asylum  applications. They   belong   to  a   religiously  and  politically  persecuted   minority  – the Ahmadiyya Muslim  Community.

It  is  recognized   around  the  world   by  human   rights  groups  that Ahmadi

Muslims  are  constantly,  ruthlessly  persecuted.

Under  Pakistan’s  draconian  blasphemy   laws  their  universal  and fundamental  human  rights  have  been negate.  The freedom  of  religion  and all other freedoms  have been usurped  by the Government  of Pakistan.

Under  the  1974  amendment to  the  Constitution  and the  1984  Ordinance XX, Ahmadis  in  Pakistan  cannot  profess,  express,  or  practice  their faith. They are  discriminated  in all aspects of life. They cannot vote. Their children are   denied   the   right   to   education.   The   traders   are   boycotted,   and businessmen  are  refused  export, import  licenses.

With  the  support  and protection  of the  State,  the  extremists,  fanatics,  and the venomously  prejudiced  clergy, together with their vandal  accomplices openly  incite  public to  kill Ahmadis  and destroy  their properties  and places of  worship.  Hundreds  have  been  murdered  under  fabricated  blasphemy laws.  Hundreds  of Ahmadiyya   graves  have  been  desecrated  and  coffins excavated  and thrown  out  of the  cemetery.

Under  such  circumstances,  Ahmadis   take  life  threatening   risks  to  flee Pakistan  and seek asylum  in  other countries  where they  hope to  find  peace and an environment  in  which  they  can live  a  normal  life.

So far in  2023  alone,  seven Ahmadi  masques  have  been destroyed  in  the country  and a  Norwegian  doctor  murdered.

Despite these circumstances, Ahmadi Muslims continue to be regularly deported from  Germany to Pakistan.  Many  NGOs have also criticised these deportations  and called for a  reassessment  of the  situation  in  Pakistan.

Article   1    of  the  Basic  Law  in   Germany  states  that  human   dignity   is inviolable.  Article  16a  of the  Basic  Law  guarantees  politically  persecuted persans a  basic individual  right to  asylum  in  Germany.  The EU’s  obligation to   help   those   in   need   of   protection   is   enshrined   in   the   Charter   of Fundamental  Rights  and  the  Treaty  on  the  Functioning  of  the  EuropeanUnion.

The   Geneva   Refugee   Convention   is   the   most   important   international document for  refugee  protection. The Convention  clearly defines  who  is a refugee, what legal protection, assistance and social rights she or he should receive  from   the  signatory  states.  But  it  also  defines  the  obligations  a refugee must fulfil towards the host country and excludes  certain  groups • such as war criminals – from refugee  status.

Germany  is  also a  signatory  to  this  convention.  Millions of  people who fled war and violence  have sought protection  in Germany.  Germany is a  country of  immigration  and urgently  needs skilled  workers.

The traffic light coalition in Germany has taken many  measures and passed laws to better manage  migration. However, the number  of deportations has also increased.  Even  to those countries where  blasphemy  laws are  practiced in  the  strongest terms.  Deportations of Ahmadi  Muslims  to  Pakistan  have increased  sharply  in the  past.

The UNHCR also came to  the assessment  that  members  of the  Ahmadiyya communities in Pakistan are entitled to a protection status due to their persecution  as a  religious  minority.

However, we are sorry to report that Germany do not appreciate and understand  the calamitous  situation  of Ahmadis  in  Pakistan  and  not  only reject their asylum  cases but deport  them  back to  Pakistan  which  is  very much  like  pushing  someone  into  the  pit of fire.

We recommand that Germany to  treat Ahmadi  asylum  seekers as required under the Refugee  Convention and provide  them  a  safe  home to  settle  and lead  a  peaceful  and productive life.

Germany must recognise  the persecution of Ahmadis  in  Pakistan and offer prospects  for Ahmadis  seeking  protection  to  stay  in  Germany.

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