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20/01/2022 Bitter Winter : CAP LC On Judicial Day, Remember the Tai Ji Men Case

18/01/2022 Bitter Winter : Taiwan’s Judicial Day: Scholars Demand Justice for Tai Ji Men

11/01/2022 The Tai Ji Men Case and the Rule of Law

10/01/2022 International Forum on Human Rights and the ICCPR & ICESCR in Taiwan

08/01/2022 Bitter Winter  500 “Cults,” 500,000 “Victims” in France? MIVILUDES Admits It Has No Recent Data By Massimo Introvigne Bitter Winter

08/01/2022 Bitter Winter 500 « sectes », 500 000 « victimes » en France ? La MIVILUDES avoue ne pas disposer de données récentes

30/12/2021 UN Watch Lawmakers & rights activists urge UNHRC’s Nazhat Khan to call urgent session on Hong Kong

26/12/2021 Magazine Rebelle(s) La Miviludes sait qu’elle ment ! Par Jean-Luc Maxence Rebelle(s)

17/12/2021 Bitter Winter A Letter to President Tsai on the Tai Ji Men Case

14/12/2021 FOB Europe YEMEN: Dozens of NGOs call upon the EU to impose sanctions on Houthis

11/12/2021 【影音】聯合國人權日論壇 探討太極門案 12/19「全民稅醒,搶救人權PLUS大遊行」 Tai Ji Men

06 12 2021 《活出心中的太極》基隆新書發表會 Tai Ji Men

30/11/2021 Dewereld Morgen Islamofobe heksenjacht in Frankrijk: 30 organisaties roepen EU op om stelling te nemen

02/11/2021 LIREC UNADFI, a FECRIS founding association, denounced for alleged financial mismanagement and discriminatory activities

02/11/2021 Bitter Winter An NGO’s Fight for the Tai Ji Men Case at the United Nations

28/10/2021 Youmaker Experts and dignitaries gather in Brussels to condemn CCP for organ harvesting

22/10/2021 EuToday Ukrainian blogger Anatoliy Sharij facing 15 years in jail on “trumped up” charges

09/10/2021 Acis Tampa Diplomazia pontificia, la Santa Sede dice migranti, a Ginevra dicono aborto

07/10/2021 ADF International : UN: International engagement with Afghanistan must depend on respect for religious minorities

07/10/2021 Bitter Winter : A Universal Declaration on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting

06/10/2021 Vision Time  : Prélèvement forcé d’organes : appel à l’humanité pour que cesse l’atrocité perpétrée par le PCC

05/10/2021  ISHR : HRC48: Reprisal cases remain high, including in current Council member States September 2021

05/10/2021 IFEX : HRC48: States should do everything in their power to end and prevent acts of intimidation and reprisals against those who engage with the UN

03/10/2021 Clear Harmony Des experts des droits de l’homme : Le prélèvement forcé d’organes est un génocide dissimulé

01/10/2021 Clear Harmony : Sommet mondial contre le prélèvement d’organes : les médias ont la responsabilité de dénoncer la brutalité

27/09/2021 :UN GENEVA : Conseil des droits de l’homme : de nombreuses délégations dénoncent des violations des droits de l’homme partout dans le monde

27/09/2021 : ADF INTERNATIONAL“Near helpless” response of international community will embolden those responsible for atrocities in Afghanistan, UN warned

27/09/2021 The Epoch Time NGOs Launch Declaration on Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting

24/09/2021 NTD TV US Rights Group Calls on UN to Address China’s Forced Organ Harvesting

23/09/2021 Christianity Daily NGO Leader Warns CCP Plans To Export Immoral Organ Trafficking Abroad

23/09/2021 PR NEWS UN Must Condemn Forced Organ Harvesting in China

21/09/2021 The Epoch Time CCP’s ‘Commercialized Murder’ in Organ Transplant Industry Must End, UK Official Says

17/09/2021 EU Reporter : Pakistan EU urged to act over ‘continued rights abuses’ by Pakistan

17/09/2021 : All Africa : Ethiopia: High Commissioner to Human Rights Council – Fighting Continues Unabated in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia but a Solution Can Only Be Found Through a Political Process and Dialogue

17/09/2021 : Bitter Winter A written submission exposed a growing international problem, quoting the Tai Ji Men case in Taiwan

17/09/2021 : Investgate : Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy Members Revisit Honolulu to Continue the Promotion of Love, Peace and Hope

17/09/2021 : Refugees International : Letter Urging Action to Find Missing Yazidi Women and Children

16/09/2021 : Law Society : NGOs plan declaration on forced organ-harvesting

15/09/2021 :Human Rights Watch : PAKISTAN: Human Rights: European Commission VP Josep Borrell pressed to review Pakistan’s GSP+ status

10/09/2021 : FOB Europe Europe : L’idéologie anti-sectes et la FECRIS : Dangers pour la liberté religieuse. Un livre blanc

09/09/2021 : My News Desk : World Summit against Forced Organ Harvesting: An Alarm to Humankind

06/09/2021 : The Epoch Time : Des groupes de lutte contre le prélèvement forcé d’organes organisent un sommet mondial

02/09/2021 Morning Star : The Action Alliance to Redress 1219, scholars and experts call on the Taiwanese government to rectify the unjust Tai Ji Men case

27/08/2021 : Miasakale :  Freedom Of Religion Malaysia

21/08/2021 : Minority Rights :  Joint NGO Statement on Iraq to Commemorate International Day for Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief

02/08/2021 :Bloomberg :  24-Year Violation of Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Taiwan

17/07/2021 AIDLR : FECRIS Denounced at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council

15/07/2021 HRWF : Mocevic Case: Oral statement at the 47th UN Human Rights Council Session

14/07/2021 : Atalayar : Pakistan systematically violates rights of Ahmadi Muslim community

03/05/2021  UHRP : Human Rights Groups Urge U.S. Soccer to End Volkswagen Partnership

10/05/2021 Human Rights Watch : Coalition Calls for United Nations Inquiry into US Police Violence

25/05/2021 :Islam Religion Guardian : Request to immediately halt deportation of an ahmadi muslim from pulheim, germany to pakistan

25/05/2021Protection International: Open Letter to ECOSOC regarding the Committee on NGOs

22/03/2021 : Human Rights Watch : SRI LANKA: Over 20 NGOs against the re-introduction of the anti-conversion law

09/03/2021 Le Monde Juridique : 40 NGOs appeal to UN for release of Russian dissident Lyubov Sobol

26/01/2021 The Muslim Time Pakistan telecommunication authority (pta) issue order to remove ahmadiyya-related digital content on google and Wikipedia

05/01/2021 ACRE : ALGERIA urged to respect FoRB of non-Muslims

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