After 25 Years: Solidarity with Tai Ji Men

After 25 Years: Solidarity with Tai Ji Men

On July 13, 2007, the Supreme Court found Tai Ji Men not guilty of fraud, tax evasion or violation of tax codes. Tai Ji Men’s shifu and dizi who were illegally detained also received national compensation for wrongful imprisonment. Yet the Taxation Bureau continued to issue unjustified tax bills to Tai Ji Men and later even transferred the case to the Administrative Enforcement Agency. Tai Ji Men’s land and assets have been illegally seized and auctioned.

Policies and legislation to respond to forced organ harvesting crimes

The World Summit on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting

This World Summit is presented by five non-governmental organizations dedicated to the exposure and prevention of unethical organ harvesting with the goal to further promote medical ethics and basic human rights. The World Summit is a noble and solemn gathering of experts who are united by the wishto provide not only objective findings about one of the most egregious crimes in human history, but also by the understanding that the forced harvesting of organs from living people is a threat to the basic values and rights of humanity. The World Summit is also an appeal to humankind to return to a life of compassion and sympathy.

World Summit draws over 400,000 viewers; Universal Declaration Released World Summit on Forced Organ Harvesting, Second Week

World Summit on Organ Harvesting Presented by Five NGOs

Forced organ harvesting is an unethical and illegal yet highly profitable practice where organs are removed from non-consenting, healthy people and sold to patients for fast-tracked transplantation operations. Although illegal organ trafficking has occurred in several regions, it is only in China that it is government sanctioned and under military control, involving disenfranchised, vulnerable populations.

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