World Summit on Organ Harvesting Presented by Five NGOs

World Summit on Organ Harvesting Presented by Five NGOs

Forced organ harvesting is an unethical and illegal yet highly profitable practice where organs are removed from non-consenting, healthy people and sold to patients for fast-tracked transplantation operations. Although illegal organ trafficking has occurred in several regions, it is only in China that it is government sanctioned and under military control, involving disenfranchised, vulnerable populations.

World Summit on Organ Harvesting Presented by Five NGOs

Invitation World Summit on Combating and Preventing Forced Organ Harvesting in China

The crime of forcibly removing organs from living non-consenting prisoners for profit, for the purpose of transplantation, research or other medical procedures, commonly known as forced organ harvesting, poses a great danger to humankind as it violates universal ethical values, moral principles of life and human dignity, thus turning the medical profession into an abusive practice. In that process, persecuted prisoners of conscience in China, primarily Falun Gong are being killed (executed) and thus becoming the human sources of those organs.

Administrative Violence and the Tai Ji Men Case Seminar 22 August 2021


Two events organized by CESNUR and Human Rights Without Frontiers to celebrate the 2021 International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief. With Camelia Marin – Massimo Introvigne – Willy Fautré – René Wadlow – Christine Mirre – Rosita Šorytė – Alessandro Amicarelli – Hans Noot – Thierry Valle – Eric Roux – Kenneth A. Jacobsen – Konrad Swenninger, and witnesses from Tai Ji Men.

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