Oral statement about the migration crisis in Sudan

CAP  Liberté de Conscience and Human Rights Without Frontiers are concerned about the persistent migration crisis experienced by Sudan and its ability to control the situation.

Sudan occupies a crucial geographic position at a crossroads along several migration and trade routes from West and East Africa towards Europe.

Only 10% of the migrants stay in Sudan.

90% just cross the country to reach an EU member state.

There are high risks for migrants to be victims of kidnapping and illegal detention by traffickers in human beings.

The cost of migrants remaining in Sudan casts a shadow on the Sudanese national security and constitutes an economic burden.

Considering the history of the cooperation between Sudan, UN agencies and international organizations on humanitarian issues, the Vice-President of the Sovereign Council in Sudan, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, recently urged the UN and its agencies as well as the EU and its member states to provide Sudan with the needed financial, logistical and technical resources. We support and reiterate this urge to the Council.






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