Know and Understand human rights in order to apply them


Good afternoon to all the attendees in this space, I thank the organizers of this magnificent event that enlightenes the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It is an honor for us as a civil society and as a non governamental organization of Colombia and a delegation in Spain to be part of this panel and be poart of the speakers representing the Corporation of integral social life, freedom, opportunity and hope CORPORACION VIDA SILOE, entity which has been developing a process of promotion and defense of the human rights for more than 20 years.

To Speak about Human Rights is :

….to promote living spaces open to to the dialogue inter generational, and autochtonic citizens.

To Speak about Human Rights is :

…..the debate on the mutual respect, the diversity and the divergencies

about situation that can generate cinflicts for the citizen coexistence in the Community.

To Speak about Human Rights is :

… in the community to desactivate the physical and ideological weapons of death;

Not only the bombs and bullets, but the warrior of the economies, of gender, of ethnicity, origin, of age, of sexual orientation, violation of political differences, religious, of thought or of knowledge.

We all men and woman have space in a common space in which we can live in harmony with the respect of our human rights.

A good and beneficial environment for all. A place where the people and their ideas matter to us and the proposals of each one be men or woman really count.

It must not become enough make assemblies with proposals and prestablish definitions;

but generate pedagogic processes that promote the freedom of thought and human rights culture, by which alternatives prevent and correct the diverses ways of irrespectful behaviors, abuses and violence.

Not to neutralize the contradictions, but rather look at them, recognize them, respect them, confront them, negociate them.

Is recognizing the other; dialogue the differences and reaching agreements that do not take other value or being.

Help to mediate on the pacific resolution of the conflicts, recognizing and negociating diversity of proposals in the local, familiar, daily basis and personal all this to solve social relations and overcoming ancient cultures like the hegemonic, patriarcal and racial to open a space of a multicultural social expresion and pluriethnic from the active listening and pacific resolution of conflicts.

Thank you very much.

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