The Light of the World Church

December 10, 2018

United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland

Good afternoon,

On behalf of the Apostle Naason Joaquin Garcia, International Director of the Light of the World Church, I congratulate the United Nations on the 70th anniversary of the historic Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Light of the World Church is proud to promote and defend human Rights in the 56 nations where the church is now present.

Human rights are not granted by one nation’s constitution or by a collective body of nation’s declaration of human rights. Human rights, the freedom and liberty of every human being of self determination, in its true essence is a right granted by God, the creator of all humanity.

Since the very beginning, when God created the first humans on earth, they were granted the liberty to make their own decisions.

That divine right of freedom bestowed by God has been denied by those that seek to oppress human dignity by imposing their will and beliefs unto others in direct contradiction of the liberty that God has given each person.

The Light of the World Church congratulates those nations and civil societies that through law and order work to guarantee that each human being can enjoy the freedoms bestowed by the creator.

The Apostle of God Naason Joaquín Garcia as the international director of the Light of the World Church has been at the forefront of the fight to guarantee that every human being enjoys self determination,

freedom of religion, freedom of speech,

the right to an education,

the right for the accused to a defense in a court of law, the protection of women, children and the elderly,

the rights of the less fortunate,

the right for every person to work towards a better and prosperous future.

He has taught the distinction between true respect and the mere act of tolerating one another, because it is much better to respect than to tolerate.

These beliefs, freedoms and rights are supported by the work Apostle Naason Joaquin and the church perform all over the world through educational organizations, health care organizations,

women’s organizations, humanitarian organizations, cultural organizations, children’s organizations, organizations that promote freedom of religion, organizations that promote civic participation and organizations that support those who seek a better future.

On this solemn 70th Anniversary of the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we thank and continue to encourage governments, non-governmental organizations, civil

society and private citizens to continue working towards a world of freedom for all as granted by

God, the creator of all. Thank you

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