Advocating the killing of homosexuals, stoning and  armed struggle o
religious grounds is not a sectarian  deviation according to Miviludes

By Willy Fautre, Human Rights Without Frontiers

HRWF (02.02.2012) – – At the end of January, the minister of the interior, Claude Guéant, announced that the Islamic group Forsane Alizza (Riders of Pride) would be dissolved on the ground that it was training people for armed fighting.

Forsane Alizza was created in August 2010. The French Ministry of the Interior considers it a pro-jihadist islamist group. According to the French intelligence services, the group promotes armed struggle on religious grounds. They have also posted anti-Semitic statements on their website. On 14 November 2010, Forsane Alizza advocated stoning in the Western world. On 26 April 2011, it called upon the killing of homosexuals: “When you find two men, committing Loth’s sin, put them to death,” they said.

French Miviludes and anti-sect organizations are keeping silent about the ban on Forsane Alizza. It means that in their eyes the religiously motivated killing of homosexuals, stoning and armed struggle are not sectarian deviations…

According to collaborators of Claude Guéant, the national emir of Forsane, Mohamed Achamlane, alias Abou Hamza, who lives in Loire- Atlantique, insulted police officers who had stopped veiled women, calling them “dogs” and warned them that ” the daily violence against Muslims will one day turn into a blood bath.” In August 2011, he publicly burnt a criminal code.

The Ministry of the Interior also stressed that Forsane Alizza offers its most active members training to martial arts, paint-ball shooting with simulated hostage-taking and religious indoctrination. The movement is also suspected to have relations with Islamist movements abroad or people involved in terrorist actions, including the banned British organization Al Mouhajiroun, which had hailed the 9/11 attempt and named Tony Blair “a legitimate target for any Muslim.” During some demonstrations, members of Forsane Alizza display flags and banderoles of Al Mouhajiroun.

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