We are gravely concerned to hear that an Ahmadi asylum seeker SIKANDER ZULQARNEIN BHATI who arrived in Germany in 2001 to seek asylum has now been captured by the German authorities with the intent to deport him back to Pakistan. During the past 22 years he has been desperately trying to get asylum, but his case has been repeatedly rejected and at one point when his deportation seemed imminent, he escaped to Holland but had come back to Germany to pursue his asylum case.

Sikander now lives in Germany with his wife and a six-year-old son. With the fear of deportation, they are living in torment and their suffering has become traumatic. Sikander cannot work and the conditions they are living in are horrible.

The German authorities are aware of the State-sponsored brutal persecution of

Ahmadis in Pakistan. Ahmadis have no civic or religious rights in Pakistan.

The Mullahs openly incite the public to kill the Ahmadis and they are deprived of all their rights to live a normal life. Deporting an Ahmadi defies all human values and all human rights. The Human Rights Charter was for the protection of such people. Every Ahmadi who escapes Pakistan for a peaceful existence deserves to be given. Humanitarian consideration and provided the Immigration cover required to settle down to a peaceful life.

We plead to those responsible to review Sikandar’s case and provide him with the status required to settle down permanently with his wife and children. There is no provision under any Charter or Covenant to deport ruthlessly persecuted people like the Ahmadis in Pakistan.

DEVELOPMENTS IN PAKISTAN: Recent even more dangerous developments have taken place in Pakistan, a case entitled State vs Tahir Naqvi has criminalised Ahmadis worshipping in their homes. In a recent series of events, IHRC reported that in the start of February 2023, unknown assailants while entering the boundary wall of the Ahmadi Mosque in Noor Nagar district Umerkot, Sindh Pakistan, set the fire on mosque by pouring gasoline. In another targeted attack on the same day, some unknown persons, during late night, damaged the minarets of the Ahmadiyya Mosque and set it on fire in Goth Chaudary Javed Ahmed at Goth Ghazi Khan Mirani, also in district Mirpurkhas, Sindh Pakistan.

In same month, the opponents of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community razed to ground the minarets of the Ahmadiyya Hall built in 1950 in Saddar Karachi.

Ahmadi graves have also been desecrated and vandalised in a “malicious and senseless” attack by vigilantes’ elements in Pakistan. night between 10th and 11th February 2023 some unknown miscreants desecrated five graves of the Ahmadis and they took the damaged tombstones with them in the combined Graveyard (known as Graveyard Makhan Shah) in Talwandi Khajoorwali, District Gujranwala. Earlier this year, another similar incident took place in 89 GB Ratan, area of Faisalabad where some unknown miscreants trespassed the Ahmadiyya Muslim graveyard by cutting the barbed wires, desecrated the graves of Ahmadis, and tried to torch their coffins and some items from the store.

Last year, on 12 August 2022 a 62-year-old Ahmadi Muslim, Mr Naseer Ahmad was savagely stabbed to death in the name of religion, at the main bus stop in Rabwah, Pakistan. A religious fanatic stabbed him repeatedly for not chanting slogans in praise of Khadim Rizvi, a Pakistani hate preacher who defends the country’s unjust blasphemy laws. The slayed Ahmadi Muslim brutally stabbed to death in public, at a bus stop, is yet another cold-blooded murder as unfortunate spate of attacks continue on Ahmadis in Pakistan.

This year on 19 February 2023 in Goteriala District Gujrat, a 75-year-old Norwegian Ahmadi Muslim Dr. Rasheed Ahmad was shot several times as a part of a premeditated targeted killing while he was at his clinic. His assailant was known in the vicinity to be at the forefront of the opposition against the Ahmadis, but law enforcement agencies turned a blind eye to his hate antics. This is another in a series of brutal and inhumane attacks on Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan as the state stands by and watches as Ahmadis are killed on the streets by fanatics emboldened by radical political leaders.

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