As the case of the 101 detained members of the Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light in Turkey continues to gain momentum on the international level, their case is being brought  to EU government delegations at the United Nations Human  Rights Council.

At the 54th session of the UN Human  Rights Council, prominent Human  Rights organisations, Human  Rights Without Frontiers and CAP Freedom of Conscience have  presented a report about  the current  status of the case. The report details the deplorable conditions of detention the members continue to be held under,  as well as the religious persecution they face in their countries of origin. The report addresses EU governments present at the session and calls upon them to issue humanitarian/asylum visas to all members of the faith currently detained in Turkey, with no safe haven to exercise their right to freedom of religion.

Thierry Valle, President of CAP Freedom of Conscience has spoken about  the case during the UN session

and met with EU delegates in search for a solution for the detained members. The report is addressing Belgium, France, Latvia, Luxemburg, Poland, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and is calling upon them to grant humanitarian/asylum visas to the detained members.

In a further escalation at the Edirne Detention Center, members of the faith continue to face harassment and persecution on the basis of their religion from other detainess. Detainees from Sunni backgrounds have called members of the faith “devil worhsippers”, in an attempt to provoke  them and instigate violence against them.  Several complaints to the detention administration were met with inaction and siding with the Sunni detainees, prompting members of the faith to go on hunger strikes, in protest of the administrations’ bias against the group.  This incident further proves the imminent risks members of the group face in Turkey specifically, and in Muslim majority countries in general.

Source FB Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light

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