Today we learn that a new step towards intolerance has been taken in Pakistan with the murder of Dr. Naeem-ud-dine Khattak (PhD) an Ahmadi professor  at Superior Science College Peshawar.

CAP Liberté de Conscience  has for years denounced human rights abuses targeting the Ahmadiyya community in Pakistan.

The  heartbreaking murder of the Ahmadi Muslim took place in Peshawar, Pakistan. Dr. Naeem-ud-dine Khattak (PhD), a professsor at Superior Science College Peshawar, was on his way back home when some unknown men on a motorcycle opened fire at his car. He was shot multiple times, received 5 bullets and died there on the spot. This is the third targeted murder of an Ahmadi within weeks in Peshwar Pakistan.

CAP Liberté de Conscience  joins the international Ahmadiyya community in denouncing this new act of barbarism and persecution against this peaceful community.

 Despite repeated alerts to international bodies of the particularly heinous violations of religious freedom in Pakistan targeting the Ahmadiyya community, nothing has been done to stop these persecutions.

How many more Dr. Naeem-ud-dine Khattak will have to be brutally murdered before the Pakistani authorities and the international community take concrete steps to uphold religious freedom and human rights in Pakistan.

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