During 2022, CAP Liberté de Conscience continued to denounce violations of religious freedom to European and international bodies.

CAP LC has spoken at three sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council, at sessions of the Human Rights Committee and at the Universal Periodic Review sessions of Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and France.

During sessions at the United Nations, CAP LC organised conferences to defend religious minorities.

The CAP LC team has been invited to take part in various international conferences and has also made representations to the European authorities on the subject of freedom of religion or belief.

CAP LC has intervened in France and Europe to denounce the French government’s treatment of religious minorities. CAP LC has produced several files that have been sent to the French authorities to alert them to the danger posed by their policy at international level.

CAP LC has also been contacted by numerous groups in France who are victims of the French authorities and government-funded anti-religious associations.

CAP LC’s reputation is growing all the time and the trend for 2021 has been confirmed: CAP LC is being contacted to organise or present reports on human rights violations around the world. CAP LC has also been approached to take part in a coalition and participate in a peace project in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

CAP LC was able to take part in the OSCE conference in Warsaw. Since 2019, the conference had been cancelled because of the health crisis. This year, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was at the heart of the debates at the conference, which was renamed OSCE 2022 Poland for the occasion.

During this conference, CAP LC made its contribution in favour of freedom of religion and belief. In particular, CAP LC denounced France’s ambiguous role with Russia on the issue of religious freedom.

In addition to its activities, CAP LC has attended numerous conferences on Freedom of Religion, which has enabled the association to expand and strengthen its network.

CAP LC distributes a newsletter in French and English to over 4,000 subscribers on the subject of human rights and religious freedom.

The CAP LC team would like to thank all those whose donations or contributions keep the association alive and enable it to continue to successfully achieve its aims.

The Chairman

Thierry Valle

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