hrwfHRWF (14.07.2015) – On 2nd July, the Court of Appeals in Paris upheld an earlier judgement that MIVILUDES be found guilty of defamation against the French Society for the Defence of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). MIVILUDES is the acronym for the French government’s inter-ministerial agency that monitors and reports on what it considers to be harmful religious movements and organisations.

‘The case is on-going as the administrative judge still needs to determine damages and interests to be paid to TFP by the State,’ announced the association. ‘In fact, the Appeals Court had to consider whether Georges Fenech, the president of MIVILUDES at the time, was himself responsible for the defamation and could be given him the benefit of the doubt, …. The problem was in his operating MIVILUDES.’

The TFP is an international lay Catholic association that was founded in 1960 to defend ‘traditional Christian values.’ The association’s lawyer, Gérard Ducrey, argued that the French government had acted like ‘a new Inquisition’ and ‘a perversion of secularism that violates the spirit of the Republic.’

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