irfDear participants to the Roundtable,

Due to the success of this sign-on letter, and to the fact that some of us asked an extension in order to be able to gather more signatures, our gathering of signatures on the multi-faith NGO letter to the President and members of the European Council regarding religious and ethnic minorities in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict is extended.

We have now 63 signatures (36 organisations and 27 individuals) from Europe, Middle East and United States, which you can see on the letter here.

Please let me know if your organisation will sign onto this letter, or if you will sign on as an individual (with title and organisation for identification purposes). The deadline for signatures is extended to Friday, November 21.

To inform your decision:

  • Minorities have suffered and have been targeted disproportionately in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict, experiencing kidnapping, massacres, subjugation, and enslavement and trafficking of women and children.
  • Tens of thousands of Syrian and Iraqi Christians, Kurds, Yazidis, and other religious/ethnic groups have already been killed or injured, simply because of their faith and ethnicity.
  • Millions have been forced to flee their ancestral homes, lands, and businesses to internal or external exile.
  • More information about the Syrian-Iraqi conflict and the plight of religious and ethnic minorities can be found in a backgrounder here.
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