alexander_dvorkingAlexander Dvorkin has conducted an energetic campaign aimed at suppressing the freedom of religious associations since 1992, when he, having become a US citizen, came back to Russia after a 15-year absence. Right after Dvorkin‟s return, a clergyman of the Russian Orthodox Church offered him the opportunity to take up “the problem of counteracting sects”. In 1993, with the blessings of Patriarch Alexy II, Alexander Dvorkin set up the first anti-cult organization that is now called the Russian Association of Centers for Study of Religions and Sects. Since then he has devoted his life to fighting “non-traditional” religious associations. Directing the activities of his Association, Alexander Dvorkin is the key coordinator of anti-cult activity in Russia and the other countries of the CIS and has a major influence upon Western European countries, being a vice-president of FECRIS (Federation of European Centers for Research and Information on Sects). This article gives an idea of the real results of Dvorkin‟s activities. It calls your attention to facts that are not apparent and are often ignored. The subject matter concerns every believer, no matter what religion he or she belongs to.

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