FECRIS/ Austria denounces 10-year old violations of child’s rights by God’s Children but keeps silent about613 victims of child abuse now in the Catholic Church

forefFOREF (21.04.2012)  – On 19 April, Friedrich Griess, the representative of FECRIS, the umbrella organization of about 25 anti-sect organizations in Europe, held a workshop as a side-event of the annual meeting of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) in Vienna. More than 200 representatives of 180 civil society organizations were invited to the 5th Annual Meeting of the FRA Platform for NGOs but only a dozen attended that workshop during which Griess denounced the violations of children’s rights by a small obscure religious group named The Family. This faith-based organization which has disappeared from the European religious landscape was accused by Griess of committing child abuse… 10 years ago. However, Griess could not mention any concrete case of prosecution against The Family or any other religious group in Austrian. Moreover, he kept totally silent about the 613 victims of child abuse in the Catholic Church to whom the Church will have to pay a financial compensation of 8 million EUR.

Such double standards aiming at creating social panic about the so-called danger posed by “sects” discredit FECRIS in Europe and its affiliated organization in Austria.

See the link to “Klasnic-Kommission had 8 Millionen Euro zuerkannt”, an article about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church published by Der Standart on 17 April:


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