Hate speech is an ongoing problem in all societies, both online and offline. As history has shown, atrocity crimes are sparked by hate speech. A growing trend of
hatred and intolerance toward people who are perceived as different increases the potential to incite violence and severe human rights violations. Ethnic and religious
minorities, migrants, refugees, and others who are perceived as unwelcome are often targets of hate speech and discrimination.

The conference’s first edition is scheduled to take place around World Genocide Commemoration Day and will bring together representatives from various fields
with a significant influence on their societies. The main purpose of this conference is to discuss the impact of hate speech on vulnerable groups and the significance of freedom of expression and religious freedom as fundamental components in building peaceful and respectful communities. The conference aims to bring together
top researchers, religious leaders, speakers from international organizations, and academics from diverse cultural, religious, and political backgrounds from all around the world to share their experiences and exchange their research results on these current topics that impact our society.


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