We are seriously concerned as there is a risk of another unlawful deportation from Germany to Pakistan, scheduled to take place on March 08 2022, as a deportation flight to Pakistan is planned.

We received the information about Mr. Khalid Muhammad who has been captured by the German authorities due to his asylum case. Mr. Khalid Muhammad came to Germany in 2013 and his asylum case got rejected twice. German authorities are planning to deport this asylum seeker belonging to the Ahmadiyya faith, in breach of national and international laws and conventions. The name of the individual who is scheduled for deportation are:

• Mr. Khalid Muhammad (DOB: 27.03.1990), who has been in Germany since 2013 and his second appeal in Germany also got rejected.

It is well established that members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community face persecution per se in Pakistan and all recent reports indicate that this persecution is intensifying. Returning a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to a country where his life and safety are at serious risk would be a clear breach of Germany’s obligations under international human rights law and the Convention against Torture (CAT). This includes a prohibition on sending anyone to a place where they would be at risk of such abuse. The principle of non-refoulement applies to everyone including persons who are excluded from refugee protection.

We urge that the German authorities to take immediate and swift action and ensure the safety of this individual by not deporting him back to Pakistan where he will most certainly face grave and life-threatening danger. The German authorities should grant him protection and stop deportation immediately.

DEVELOPMENTS IN PAKISTAN: Recent even more dangerous developments have taken place in Pakistan, a case entitled State vs Tahir Naqvi has criminalised Ahmadis worshipping in their homes. A recent Mosque has also been attacked a few days ago. Please find enclosed pictures below. Under such circumstances deportations by Germany are immensely concerning and we request Germany to immediately halt the deportation of this individual.

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