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Dear Madame Presidente

In Germany, the State continues to discriminate minority religions by condoning the use of the infamous “sect filters” since decades.

German government bodies and officials continue with practices which are far reaching and wide-spread with no professionals in Bavaria able to participate in a government bid, without signing a sect filter.

Such government condoned and practiced sect filters gets replicated by the German commerce world as precaution to no lose out on such award of bids. Germany is becoming a focus of attention for different mandates since their religious discrimination against Scientologists is affecting the Freedom of Religion or Belief, the rights of minorities, the right of Privacy of German citizens.

All of these also affects the rights of children, who become subject to state sponsored discrimination in schools, suffering from derogatory statements by teachers about the religion of their parents.

We respectfully request the HRC and the OHCHR to call Germany to order and on to engage in a constructive and no-prejudice dialogue with Scientology with the help of the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, to overcome any and all misunderstood and wrongdoings on the part of the German government.

Thank you

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