We are deeply concerned about the situation in Balochistan which has been monitored for years by the Brussels-based NGO Human Rights Without Frontiers.

Balochistan is in turmoil. The people are living in a state of siege. In a violent response to the demand of the Baloch people for the right to self-determination, the state has perpetrated gross human rights violations.

The Baloch are facing a brutal military operation that has resulted in human and material losses.

Destruction and burning of the Baloch settlements and displacement of thousands are acts of terror perpetrated by Pakistan.

The security agencies are trying to wipe out the Baloch community’s cream.

Balochistan has been declared a no-go area for the international media and human rights organisations. So that the atrocities are unreported.

The balance of power between the Pakistani state and helpless Baloch civilians is uneven.

According to UN resolutions, many actions of Pakistani security forces along with extremist organisations come under war crimes.

The Baloch people, needs the help of the international community in a meaningful way before it is too late.

We request the UN to press upon Pakistan to stop inhuman atrocities in Balochistan.

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