Human rights organizations praise the UAE’s attention to climate issues before the Human Rights Council

  • The UAE offers a pioneering and distinguished experience to achieve climate justice according to a humane approach
  • The Climate Summit in the UAE is a “climate ambition summit” and the promotion of concerted international efforts to protect the planet and people
  • The UAE leads the world by providing an inspiring model and its global leadership in providing grants and humanitarian aid

In a written statement submitted to the Human Rights Council at its fifty-second session under item three, the United Villages Organization, which has consultative status at the United Nations, commended the organization of the United Arab Emirates for the climate conference “COP 28”, and the care and attention the country attaches to climate issues, and its endeavour to strengthen international efforts Concerned with climate within the framework of the pioneering and distinguished experience provided by the UAE to achieve climate justice according to an approach based on respect and promotion of human rights, stressing the importance of concerted international efforts to protect the climate and giving utmost importance to sparing countries and human societies all the negative consequences of climate change, and working to enhance the enjoyment of human rights and guarantee the quality of life in developing countries.

In its statement submitted under the third item of the agenda of the International Council for Human Rights of the United Nations, the organization indicated the importance of facing all risks and challenges related to achieving climate justice, especially the important role The Human Rights Council enjoys in this context, and the statement stressed the importance of major countries shouldering their international and moral responsibilities related to climate issues and mitigating the devastating effects and consequences on weak societies and developing countries, and the need for the Council to lead international efforts related to the impact of climate change on the international human rights system.

The statement stressed the importance of the climate summit in its twenty-eighth session, which is organized by the United Arab Emirates, stressing the support of civil society and non-governmental organizations for the UAE’s organization of the climate summit and their keenness that the climate summit, which will be held next November, come out with outputs that contribute to developing effective and effective solutions and treatments for climate problems. faced by the countries of the world in terms of climate changes, heat emissions and the reduction of negative human interventions, which threaten the climate system and increase the challenges and risks faced by society and countries and deepen the problems that threaten their enjoyment of their rights, and spare them the devastating effects and consequences that negatively affect their lives and expose them to many risks that It prevents them from enjoying their right to life, health, and living in a safe and healthy environment.

The statement touched on the importance of re-evaluating the efforts of countries and establishing an international mechanism to measure the levels of progress and achievement achieved by countries within the framework of commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992 and the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, and the responsibility of the international community to protect the climate and limit climate change. All the negative practices and interventions carried out by large and developed countries and companies, and the need to lead international efforts to strengthen the commitment of countries to achieve climate justice according to a humane approach, expressing the need for countries and non-governmental organizations to support the UAE’s efforts to organize the next climate summit, and to strengthen the confidence of the international community in the UAE’s leadership in organizing Global events that aim to achieve goodness, peace and development for countries and human societies in the world, and the organization referred in its statement to what was expressed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Work to achieve climate justice, bridge the gap between human societies and protect human lives.

The organization, representing non-governmental organizations, stressed the importance of convening the Climate Conference in its 28th session in the United Arab Emirates, which presents one of the best global results in the context of commitment to climate protection, and takes the global lead in working to achieve international commitments related to concerted efforts to protect countries and human societies from the effects and consequences of lack of Climate justice, which was confirmed by the Secretary-General of the United Nations regarding the climate summit that will be held in the UAE in 2023 as a “summit of climate ambition”, and his urging countries, governments, companies, civil society institutions and all actors to strengthen and join efforts for the independence of this upcoming climate summit to work to protect and improve The living conditions of developing countries and societies that are most affected and achieving equality related to climate justice according to a humane approach. It will represent a unique success for the Climate Summit in the UAE, in light of the inability and failure of more than 27 summits in the UAE achieve this effective and efficient approach.

At the end of its statement, the organization expressed its appreciation and high confidence in the great efforts made by the United Arab Emirates in hosting the 2023 Climate Summit, and for its distinguished efforts to achieve climate justice in accordance with an approach based on respect and promotion of human rights, as well as in its statement submitted to the International Council for Human Rights. Of the United Nations, at the initiative of the UAE as the first country in the Middle East to affirm its voluntary commitment to sign the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement and to launch pioneering and comprehensive initiatives to invest $100 billion in clean energy related to promoting common climate goals and achieving global energy security for the world.


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