Human Rights Council

54th regular session of the Human Rights Council

11 September 2023 – 20 October 2023

Item 4: Interactive dialogue with the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia  – Interactive Dialogue

21 September 2023

CAP Liberté de Conscience

We, together with the NGO Stop Amhara Genocide, have continuously alerted this Council that the Tigray conflict was an opportunity for the Ethiopian government to intensify the ethnic cleansing of the Amhara people started under TPLF regime.

The conflict in Tigray has ended, but there is now a high risk of a bloody civil war in Ethiopia and the mass killing of Amhara has intensified in atrocity.

Amhara civilians endure squalid, cholera- ridden camps, many of them secretly buried.

Amhara civilians continue to be targeted by drones, as seen in yesterday’s attack in Debre Markos.

All ages and genders are subjected to deliberate mutilation and rape.

Women and girls were forced to be vaccinated with an unknown substance only in the Amhara region, raising suspicions of sterilization.

A sinister plan to traffick five-hundred thousand Amhara women to the Middle East was disrupted by activists.

These facts reveal an old plan to eliminate the entire Amhara people – an act of genocide.

We urge this Council to extend the UN Commission of Experts mandate for a thorough investigation into the closely linked Amhara genocide and the Tigray conflict.

To ensure justice and end impunity in Ethiopia, an independent, external Commission must conduct the transitional justice process. Allowing the alleged perpetrators to oversee justice for their own atrocities will hinder peace and justice for the victims.

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