From the start of the year 2021, we reported about the demolition of the minarets and domes of the various Ahmadiyya mosques in Pakistan carried out under the supervision of local police authorities.

We again regret to report another destruction and demolition of an Ahmadiyya Mosque in a rural settlement called Chak #84 GB, District Faisalabad, Pakistan. This profane act was once again orchestrated by the local members of the Faisalabad Police, disguising themselves as civilians. This is the third recent incident of this nature to occur in District Faisalabad.

The incident took place on 30th July 2021, in which local police seized an Ahmadi Mosque that had already been cordoned off. Police proceeded to vandalize the building by destroying the buildings’ minarets and defacing the mosque’s frieze, which featured the Islamic declaration of faith (Kalima) – please find enclosed photos. As this marks the third incident of this nature in Faisalabad in the past two weeks, the situation for Ahmadis in the area is becoming increasingly worrying.

This most recent destruction marks another part of a concerningly strong wave of anti-Ahmadi violence in the Faisalabad area. Unfortunately, Government Officials in Punjab are engaged in such illegal activities to win the pleasure and approval of the ferocious opponents of the Ahmadis.

We request the Government of Punjab to respect and follow the eight-point directive given by the Supreme Court in 2014 which emphasised the provision of protection for the places of worship of all religions in Pakistan. The destruction of Ahmadiyya Mosques in Pakistan is a glaring contravention of Article 20 of the Constitution of Pakistan and the Supreme Court verdict of 2014. The Government must stop the Police force engaging in and supporting such disdainful acts of hooliganism.

We request your support, along with your friends and contacts, for a powerful action to call for Freedom of Religion and safeguard of Fundamental Human Rights from the Government of Pakistan. The world should pressurise the Government of Pakistan to harness these culprits to save the image of Islam and the image of their own country, which they profess to be an Islamic democratic state.

Most importantly, the Government of Pakistan should ensure that all citizens enjoy Freedom of Religion and equal citizen rights as stipulated in the Constitution of Pakistan Article 20 and United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 2, 18.



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