By Alexander Stepanov, lecturer

On April, 01st 2013
alexander_dvorkingMany were surprised by the recent lecture given by the sect expert A.L. Dvorkin on the history of Islam at the Northern Arctic Federal University that offended Russian Moslems by its contents and received negative responses from leading Islamic figures. It surprised, first of all with the fact that Dvorkin, apparently, practically did not concern Islam earlier in his antisectarian speeches and now suddenly unexpectedly “debuted” in this field.

However a confirmation was found that inner torments of the sect expert Dvorkin concerning Islam began 10 years ago! So, in 2003 he gave the lecture “Be cautious, a sect! 26 questions and answers” where he also mentioned historical aspect of Islam emerge in traditional for the sect expert negative vein.

Then the Islamic prophet Muhammad caught together with other “sectarians” from Dvorkin. He said about him:

“And he simply lived somewhere on outskirts of the Christian world, he heard… some scraps about the Christian doctrine reached him, about the Judaic doctrine. That he made any opinion about himself – erroneous enough – but all the same, what he could, the person was inquisitive, he learnt, so to say, what he could. Unfortunately, so to say, he learnt… well he had a few chances to learn. And then Muhammad had some strange visions and revelations. Some people consider that he had epilepsy attacks, others speak in another way. But what he describes, how he describes these visions and revelations, again they have strange enough appearance from the point of view of the orthodox ascetical theology.”

and further he added:

“Well and here on the basis of these data, scraps of knowledge he had, he had created his own religion which is called Islam.” [The reference:, the beginning is on 88th minute of the video]

Dvorkin speaks about prophet Muhammad as about someone insignificant, so, between times together with other sects, took and told the history of Islam emerge for less than 2 minutes. And the statement manner has a little changed for ten years.

Why further during 10 years Dvorkin did not develop this topic, it is difficult to tell. It is possible to assume, probably, that the forces interested in the antisectarian propaganda, decided then that it was “too hard” to struggle with one of the largest world religions. What has forced them to change their opinion now – remains a riddle so far.

So the last speech of the sect expert concerning Islam is not any more an accident, but a relapse.

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