Oral statement at the UN Human Rights Council Session

Massacres of and attacks against Amharas in 2022

More information : 05/10/2022 EuropeanTimeAmharas: The occulted ongoing genocide in Ethiopia

CAP Liberté de Conscience and Human Rights Without Frontiers welcome the work of the Commission but remain deeply concerned about the massacres and attacks on Amhara civilians as in last June in Gimbi County of Oromia Region, thousands of OLA and OLF-Shene militants attacked Amharas in 10 villages with the collaboration of local ethnic Oromo residents and the passive complicity of the Oromia Region government.

Statistics vary between around six hundred and fifteen hundred victims.

Eleven million Amharas are suffering from hunger, some are forced to flee to other regions, and worse, others are being tortured in atrocious ways before being killed.

Also, the government continue to imprison journalists denouncing these mass killings unlawfully even after the Court order their release.

Numerous reports and evidence have been provided by NGOs on the tragic situation of the Amharas which can no longer be ignored.

It is more than imperative that the situation suffered by Amharas be considered so that these exactions underlying the Ethiopian conflict be officially investigated to put an end to it.

We join the Commission in urging the Council to keep the situation in Ethiopia high on its agenda, and to extend its mandate to the Amhara region, so that massacres of Amharas as well as the State repression against journalists can be fully investigated.

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