After six years of Yazidies genocide in Sinjar by the terrorist organization (ISIS) where terrorists committed many crimes  and unfair actions against Yazidies. There were losses in lives, many  of them  became  captives, their properties were looted and robbed and houses of vast majority of them have been destroyed, the mines were planted in many places and houses,  a large damage in the external& internal roads, hospitals and health care centers, schools and water &electricity supplying facilities as will as destruction other governmental service facilities in the city center and all over Sinjar. In fact, the destruction ratio is tremendous in Southern areas of Sinjar compared to the Northern areas. After opening the crossings between Sinjar and Kurdistan Region& Mosul in the last two months this year many families have returned to their homes and their return is still continuous. Currently, about 200.000 citizens live in Sinjar. We had received the returnees to Sinjar from displacement camps   and conducted a field visit in the Southern part of Sinjar region to evaluate citizens conditions and identify their basic needs, we found out they live in very hard life conditions and face many difficulties and challenges due to lack of basic needs and services in all fields, therefore they are urgently needed to the following needs and services:

we demand that these problems be eliminated by the UN

  1. Detection and removal of mines & bombs unexplored in roads, houses and various places to ensure safety and security of citizens.
  2. Cleaning and maintenance roads & crossings to facilitate traffic & transition inside and outside residential areas.
  3. Provide and delivery of electricity to residential areas.
  4. Provide water and delivery it to citizens.
  5. Building and rehabilitation hospitals and schools & health care and education centers.
  6. Provide the hospitals & health care centers with drugs and various medical supplies as well as specialized medical staff.
  7. Building child friendly spaces.
  8. Implement developmental projects to create jobs opportunities for citizens that would encourage them to return to their homes.


A schedule shows the families Returned to Southern area of Sinjar in the last two months this year:

# Area Number of families
1 Sinjar(city center) 162
2 Tel qasab 92
3 Tel banat 45
4 Seeba sheikh khidir 124
5 Tel azer 147
6 Ramboosi 26
7 Wardiya 27
8 Solakh 41
9 Ziravky 34
10 Girzarik 36
11 Kocho 17
12 Zomany 9
13 Gidaly 11
14 Hayaly 13
15 Qasirky 2
16 Qapoosi 14
17 Gabara 17
Total sum   760 family

We refer to the letter and report of February 28, 2020 with the number A / HRC / 43 / NGO / 159 and call on the UN

  • We demand the recognition of the ISIS massacre on our ancient Êzîdî people as genocide.
  • We demand the condemnation and end of attacks by Turkey and radical Islamists against Şengal and our people.
  • We demand an end to the KDP’s politically-motivated exploitation of our people’s plight, and demand the UN’s intervention to put an end to the party’s policies of disciplining our people through repression, starvation and poverty.
  • We demand Şengal to obtain the right to autonomy for the Êzîdîs, Arabs, Shiites, and Muslim Kurds within Iraqi lands and to become an autonomously-governed region.
  • We demand the recognition of the Êzîdî people’s right to build their own self-defense capacity within an autonomously-administered region.
  • Lastly, we invite UN representatives to Şengal. We believe that seeing our work and situation on the ground will provide them with a more useful understanding. We will do all in our power to facilitate visits in the case of an acceptance of our invitation to Şengal.

Report on the conditions and basic needs of citizens returning from displacement camps to Sinjar and its Southern area specifically


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