Moscow provincial court orders acceptance of Scientologist appeal of decision of city court finding Ron Hubbard’s books “extremist” (08.11.2011) – A session of the appeals college of the Moscow provincial court regarding appeals from Scientologists was held 8 November. As a correspondent reports, Judge Svetlana Frolkina presided over the session, Dmitry Averchenko was the judge rapporteur, and the third member of the college was Judge Liubov Whian. 

They reviewed personal complaints of distributors and publishers of materials that had been declared extremist by a decision of a Shchelkovo city court in Moscow province on 29 June of this year. The appeals were filed by the Scientology church of Moscow, the international church of Scientology, two publishers (Danish and Russia) and the chairman of a noncommercial Scientology organization, Lukashkina. They appealed the refusal of Shchelkovo city court Judge Yulia Kudriakovaia to receive their appeal. Also reviewed were similar individual complaints from three members of the Scientology church: Kochemarov, Kozhanovaia, and Murashkintsevaia, from whom the prosecutor had confiscated books during a search, which were then sent for expert analysis.

The interests of the Scientologists were represented by attorneys Sergei Korzikov (individuals) Yury Ershov (“New Era” and “New Era International” publishers), Aidar Sultanov (Scientology church of Moscow) and Galina Krylova (International church of Scientology).

The Moscow provincial court quashed the decision of Judge Yulia Kudriakovaia refusing to accept the appeals of said organizations and individuals and ordered their acceptance and addition to the case, and it sent the case to the Moscow provincial court for review of the appeal on the merits.

On 29 June of this year the Shchelkovo city court found nine books and nine tapes of lectures by the founder of Scientology, Ron Hubbard, to be “extremist.” (tr. by Pds, posted 11 November 2011)

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