Spiritual Guru – Shri Prakash Ji Wins Defamation Lawsuit in Russia

Shri Prakash Ji – Spiritual Guru and leader of Hinduism in Russia (http://bit.ly/ShriPrakashJi) has won the defamation lawsuit against a radical Christian organization named RATSIRS headed by the infamous Alexander Dworkin. Dworkin is the same person whose aggressive rhetoric lead to the burning of Bhagavad-Gita in one of the Russian cities eight years ago.

The verdict of the Odintsovo court came into force on the 24th of January 2019 stating that the Information being given out on Dworkin’s Internet forum iriney.ru be considered as false and harmful for Shri Prakash Ji’s reputation as a prominent spiritual leader in Russia. The case was filed by Shri Prakash Ji’s lawyer Mr. Kaloy Akhilgov who had helped him in successfully repelling the unauthorized raids by government officials in the year 2017. This, in itself, is a unique and historic verdict as by doing this, the court officially went in favor of the Hindu minority that resides in Russia and numbers only about 140,000.

The attacks on Shri Prakash Ji, his family and his disciples started happening in the year 2016 and the whole story was highlighted in the famous American magazine Newsweek (http://bit.ly/NewsWeekStory). A petition was generated the same year on change.org that also caught the attention of the Indian media (http://bit.ly/TOIStory) after a group of radical Christian goons disguised as journalists tried to forcefully enter his Ashram located in Moscow. Again in November 2017, a group of armed policemen conducted an unauthorized raid in Shri Prakash Ji’s family home and Ashram during which his son Prasun Prakash was physically attacked. Shri Prakash Ji and his son were called foreign scum and were threatened to leave Russia.

The reason behind all of this were the hate speeches given out by Dworkin in the Russian media against Shri Prakash Ji. Even now after winning the case Shri Prakash Ji and his family are staying alert as Dworkin is expected to attack them indirectly by concentrating his malicious efforts on Prakash Ji’s cultural centre Shri Prakash Dham.

Shri Prakash Dham is an Indian Cultural centre in Russia that has worked on the front of conserving friendly ties between the two countries for more than 20 years. Shri Prakash Ji is the official president of Shri Prakash Dham and Dworkin’s next strategy could be, using his position in Russia’s Ministry of Justice’s committee on religion to falsify his hate claims even more and give them an unauthorized governmental backing.

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