Except for Sinja mountain, all settlements came under the control of ISIS(Islamic State). All property of the people was plundered. Their houses were burned, demolished, rendered uninhabitable. Our 68 religious domes in Sinjar, almost all of them were detonated and destroyed. According to the data of the UN, the number of Ezidi captives was 6417 people.
3548 of them were women and others were children. Thousands of men, women and children were massacred. Currently, there are 81 mass graves in the towns of Sinjar. There are also many small mass graves where one or two funerals are buried together. All kinds of opportunities were taken for captive women and children and they were tried to be saved.
While using all means in this regard, QSD (Democratic Syrian Forces), the defense forces of the the North-East of the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria), delivered the Ezidi girls and their children, which they saved. After the ISIS (Islamic State) defeat in Syria, Ezidi women, who were kept in camps and who hid their identity from fear, also gave their families to QSD and convinced that they would not be harmed any more. However, there are still about 3000
women and children, and there is no information about their fate.


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