In Germany, the State continues to allow use of discrimination of minority religions by condoning the use of so called “German sect filters” and this shouldnt belong into the free and democratic society of Germany that was rebuilt in 1949 on the principles of human rights.

In 2019 and prior, the use of sect filters by German government bodies is far reaching and wide-spread with no professionals in Bavaria able to participate in a government bid, without signing a sect filter.

Such government condoned and practiced sect filters have led to this identical practice being adopted by the German commerce world as precaution to no lose out on such award of bids.

In 2018 the City of Munich adopted a city funded incentive program supporting individuals to purchase e-bikes as an incentive to reduce pollution.

Anyone applying for participation in this program can obtain support for the purchase of such an e-bike but has to sign an anti-Scientology declaration.

A female German Scientologist and professional violinist applied for it and refused to sign such an unfit declaration as it would have required that she resigns from her beliefs in Scientology. This requirement violates her FoRB and Human Dignity. In consequence, while the city confirmed that the applicant was otherwise qualify for the support, the City rejected her application due to her refusal to sign the sect filter. 

The use of the sect-filter constitutes serious and grave threats resulting in personal, professional, social, economic or other disadvantages being imposed on any Scientologist solely by reason of his religious membership and affiliation.

The above practice violates at least the principles established by the ICCPR

in Art. 18, 2 and 3 as expressed in the General comment No. 22 issued by the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights.

We respectfully request the HRC and the OHCHR to call Germany to order and on to engage in a constructive and no-prejudice dialogue with Scientology with the help of the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, to overcome any and all misunderstood and wrongdoings on the part of the German government.

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