52nd regular session of the Human Rights Council 27 February 2023 – 18 April 2023 Item 4: Interactive dialogue with the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on the situation of human rights in Ethiopia – Interactive Dialogue

Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience

We remain deeply concerned about the massacres and attacks on Amhara civilians in East Wellega region.

According to eyewitnesses the attacks were mainly carried out by government forces and the victims were mostly women, children and the elderly. The attacks took place for a month, since November 13, 22 until December 3, 22.

In total, two hundred eighty Amhara civilians were confirmed dead on December 3, 22. Nearly twenty thousand people managed to escape.

There are currently close to one million Amharas specifically displaced to escape ethnic based massacres from Benishangul-Gumuz, Wellega and North Shewa.

The government continues the mass arrest of Amharas. There are currently close to twelve thousand  Amhara youth in prison including Zemene Kassie. Sintayehu Chekol was re-arrested at least 4 times since July 22, and Tadios Tantu has been languishing in prison for more than a year.

Prisoners are held in inhumane conditions, subjected to harassment, beating and sexual abuse.

In Addis Abeba currently close to five hundred Ahmaras houses were demolished leaving families destitute and vulnerable. As a result, 9 children died due to attacks by hyenas.

It is more than imperative that the situation suffered by Amharas be considered by the Commission and the Council so that these exactions be officially investigated.


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