Testimony on discrimination #2

As a Christian missionary for La Famille, we have been led to travel a lot and we have sometimes experienced difficulties in countries which were more or less welcoming. But I have to say, as a French citizen, that it is on French soil that I have had my most traumatizing experience.

Testimony on discrimination #3

Claude is a Protestant. The freedoms of his Evangelical Association are being more and more restricted due to the growing climate of fear of “cults” that is spreading in France today and affecting many religious groups. I represent the CLEF Association [Lyons Evangelization and Training Circle], which is affiliated with the French Evangelical Alliance. This Alliance is part of the Protestant Federation. There are about 5,000 of us in and around Lyon.

Testimony on discrimination #4

Our centers had no probiems prior to the October 1994 publication of an article in Paris- Match magazine that misrepresented “Arc-en-Ciel” as the Brittany branch of the Order of the Solar Temple (OTS). Because the article cited documents supposedly from the Renseignements Généraux, I visited this government agency’s offices in Rennes. I asked if there was anything we could be accused of even though I had no idea what such a thing could be. Everyone I spoke to in Renseignements Généraux explicitly assured me there was nothing against us.

Testimony on discrimination #5

I founded Horus, an agrarian community in Ardèche. Our specialty is a particular form of organic farming. We grow giant vegetables without fertilizers. It is an ancient method, which has been used and proven over 6,000 years. The trouble started as soon as we, naively, spoke out publicly about this method of farming, saying, “In the end, if one applies our method, all French agriculture can forego the use of fertilizers and pesticides.”

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