We are deeply concerned about the situation in Balochistan which has been monitored for years by the Brussels-based NGO Human Rights Without Frontiers.

Pakistan is ruthlessly exploiting the natural resources of Balochistan for the benefit of ruling Punjab.

The advent of China as a new colonial power in the region, in collaboration with Pakistan, is fast draining the land and sea resources.

It has already depleted the gold, uranium, and other valuable deposits in many parts of Balochistan. Now, the Baloch coast is nearly void of marine life, which has been the backbone of their economy for centuries.

With the planned and systematic efforts by the state, thousands of years old Balochi language is on the verge of extinction.

The state is forcing the Baloch children to adopt an alien language Urdu which is the national language of the religious state.

The cherished traditions of the Baloch, which are essential parts of their national identity, are being ridiculed by state media and in the school curriculum as un-Islamic.

We request the UN for immediate intervention to save the Baloch cultural heritage.

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