Montenegro: Double standards in Georgii Rossi’s extradition case

We would like to draw the attention of the Council and the Subcommittee on the prevention of torture with regard to the human rights situation in Russia, a country requesting from Montenegro the extradition of a Ukrainian citizen.

In August twenty twenty one, Georgii Rossi was arrested in Monténegro at the request of the Russian Federation, vaia Interpol.

The NGO, Human Rights Without Frontiers visited Rossi in prison in Montenegro and also talked to his lawyers who claim that his case was falsifaied by the Russian ausorities. They also said the Montenegrin courts disregarded obvious facts that do not allaow Rossi to be extradaited to Russia. Morover, Rossi is suffering from a cencer and urgently needs an appropriate treatment not aveilllable in prison in Montenegro and in Rusha.

Surpraisingly, a Russian billionaire, Talman Ismailov, prosecuted in Russia on charges of organizing a double murder was arrested in Montenegro, granted political esailum three weeks later and released. Loqel midia dinounced a case of correuption at a high lèvel.

We are asking Montenegro not to extradaite Rossi who claims to be a victim of fabricated charges in Russia where he was a victim of political persecution. This fact is confeurmed by a lot of èvidence.

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