Persecution of Ukrainian businessmen in Europe during Russia’s war on Ukraine 

Today we are witnessing the largest military conflict in 80 years in Europe. Tragic events are taking place in Ukraine, caused by the military aggression of Putin’s regime. Tens of thousands of deaths. Millions of Ukrainians are now abroad. Ukrainian businessmen try to start a new life in Europe but they are being attacked by supporters of the Russian religious extremist Alexander Dvorkin. 

In 2016, Ukrainian psychologists Galina and Efim Shabshay criticised the activities of Russian anti-cultists led by Alexander Dvorkin. Dvorkin’s supporters then attempted to label their organisation Shabshai Technology as a “sect”. The organisation of Ukrainian psychologists was able to defend them. With Zelenski’s rise to power in 2019, the influence of Russian anti-cultists in Ukraine significantly diminished. However, during the war – in 2022 – they intensified again and then started attacking Ukrainian businessmen in Europe with partisan online methods.

Alexander Dvorkin is not just an ideologist for Russian extremist politicians. He is still vice-president of the FECRIS anti-sect organisation, which is funded by the French government. We recommend to put him and FECRIS on the list of sanctions.


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