In a disturbing incident, suspected Sunni radicals vandalised and destroyed 80 graves belonging to the Ahmadiyya sect in Daska, Pakistan. The targeted attack took place in a cemetery, raising concerns about religious tolerance and minority rights in the country.

Local authorities are investigating the incident, which has sparked outrage and condemnation from human rights activists and religious leaders alike. The Ahmadiyya community, known for its peaceful teachings, has faced persecution in Pakistan for years.

The destruction of the graves not only violates the sanctity of a holy site, but also highlights the urgent need for greater protection of religious minorities. Advocates are calling for swift action against the perpetrators and increased efforts to promote interfaith harmony in the region.

International organisations are closely monitoring the situation and urging the Pakistani government to take decisive action to protect the rights of all its citizens. The incident underlines the importance of fostering a society where diversity is respected and individuals can practise their faith without fear of persecution.

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