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The recent report, by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has again brought attention to the human rights situation in Ethiopia specifically focusing on the hardships faced by the Amhara community.

In a 24 page document titled “OHCHR Update on the Human Rights Situation in Ethiopia in 2023 ” a somber portrayal is painted of the conflicts and their severe impact on civilians.

A significant aspect highlighted in the report is the concerning rise in targeted attacks against the Amhara group. The OHCHR noted that “Amhara civilians have been victims of killings, abductions and forced displacement based on distinctions across various regions of Ethiopia.”

Numerous instances of violence were documented, including an incident where Amhara civilians were massacred in Tole town, Oromia region. The report mentions that “In April 2023 an armed group attacked and killed at 60 Amhara individuals in Tole town.”

Expressing worry over the toll of conflict, on the Amhara community UN agency reports highlighted cases of arrests, extrajudicial killings and destruction of properties owned by Amhara individuals.The report also features accounts from victims, in the Amhara region offering a look into their real life experiences. One survivor, who preferred not to disclose their identity shared details of the events during the Tole massacre.

“They arrived in the dead of night carrying firearms and machetes ” recounted the survivor. “They began firing without discrimination resulting in the deaths of many of my neighbors. I managed to flee. I had to leave my parents behind. I am uncertain about their fate.”

Furthermore the OHCHR report sheds light on the backdrop of the conflict in Ethiopia characterized by a tangled web of tensions, political conflicts and ongoing power struggles.

The report emphasizes the need for measures to safeguard civilians bring perpetrators to justice and ensure delivery of humanitarian aid to areas affected by conflict.

“We call on all parties involved in the conflict to uphold human rights laws and humanitarian laws and take actions to halt violence and safeguard all civilians irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds ” stated Bachelet.

The OHCHRs discoveries have reignited appeals for increased involvement from the community in addressing the crisis situation, in Ethiopia.

Advocacy groups and human rights organizations have voiced their approval of the recommendations outlined in the report. Are urging the UN Security Council to take measures.

Yodith Gideon, spokesperson, for Stop Amhara Genocide emphasized, “The suffering of the Amhara people cannot be overlooked any longer.” She stressed that the report serves as a wakeup call calling on the community to intervene and put an end to the violence and persecution.

Given the situation in Ethiopia the OHCHR report underscores the necessity for addressing human rights violations and emphasizes the immediate need for a comprehensive unbiased and sustainable resolution, to the conflict.

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