We are women representing civilian leaders of Ukraine and Georgia, living in the area of currently rising geopolitical tension that have united into a Geopolitical Civic Alliance of Women to participate in the 64th Session of the Commission of the United Nations on the Status of Women. We are strongly committed to women’s empowerment and enhancing their role as key decision  makers  in building  world  peace  to ensure  fair social and economic processes in each of the countries through gender balance.

We,  women  of  Ukraine  and  Georgia,  appreciate  the  great  contribution  of  the  world community and recognize significance of efforts undertaken by the United Nations in preserving  world peace, and we commend all persons involved in drafting of the Bejing Declaration 1995, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace, and Security and those people who created, approved and at present implement all international documents that are intended to prevent warfare on Earth.

We, women of Ukraine and Georgia, do not support commitment of some countries’ elite to restore the so-called “national equity” since it leads to people’s aggression, annexation and occupation of territories, ethnic wars, death of many thousands of people and ruined lives of millions of families. As a result of determination of our mutual neighbor, to achieve the “national equity” that is comprehensible only for this country, in the last 2 years our countries have lost more than 45000 citizens, more than 2 000 000 people have become refugees and temporarily displaced persons.

Approximately 173 000 children live along the “contact line” in the East Ukraine and during last five years they tend to go to school at risk of shelling. According to international experts, at least 40 thousand peoples’ lives will be sacrificed in order to demine the frontline of Ukraine.

Right now 13 ongoing decades-long armed conflicts take place in the world. Innocent people die every day in the world. Wars cause common human suffering and unite our nations in aspiration to resolve the multi-faceted conflicts and restore peace in the world.

And we, women of Ukraine and Georgia just ask ourselves, why the desire to help each other and sense of compassion arise only at the moment of wars and sufferings? Why is it so difficult to stop ruthless killing of people ?

This year, world leaders at the General Assembly of the United Nations focused international community’s attention on significance of demonstrating true leadership nature of large and developed countries with a view to support and facilitate weak countries.

Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, noted that today, unfortunately, we face

‘fake leadership” on behalf of successful countries that exploit weakness of other countries for their own profit. President of Ukraine said that nowadays the price of a human life within the world is only 10 US dollars-cost of the bullet that kills people.

We would like to draw you attention to one Georgian village, Gugutiantkari, located close to the  occupied  region  of Tskhinvali  (South  Ossetia).  When  the  Russian  occupation  forces recommenced the illegal installation of barbed wire fences they ordered a local villager to demolish his house. The Georgian local, an ordinary man, frightened of death, destroyed his parental house, destroyed his own life, his past and roots, and was left alone, face-to-face with uncertain future. This case has recently become a symbol of human tragedy and Georgian nation was shocked by this example of lawlessness and cynical violence.

Modern world is still ruled by men in which, we, women perform just administrative functions to satisfy their male ambitions. Why don’t we women fight more actively in our own communities to to minimalize the impact of the male aggression or their insensitivity? Why don’t we, women, take a lead in our own communities? Why are we still accepting and counting on the men inflicting violence on other people and mankind? Why is this problem in the 21 century still affecting us people of the world?

We, women from Ukraine and Georgia, are living right now in the warfare zone and the situation of post-traumatic stress. No one else but us know about the state of women, military women and children, about the problems of refugees and temporarily  displayed  persons, migrants, unemployment of thousands of people and social disintegration. All these people need guaranteed social welfare and security.

We call on female world leaders, female civilian leaders and all women of the world to assume responsibility for the people affected by armed conflicts. In this regard, we call on men and women to come together to solve the priority world problems and serve as catalysts for reforms in their own countries.

We call on men and women to create a new culture of cohabitation in their own communities that is based on respect of identities and awareness of each other’s values.

We suggest the women to develop their own model of modern, harmoniously developing and prosperous world order, in which human value and man’s life are fundamentals of fair social and economic processes of each country of the world.

We call on all women to overcome internal doubts and be the balance for the geopolitical state of the world and become peacekeepers of Earth.

We should remember that only in an equal partnership with men has the world opportunities

to develop in a balanced and harmonious manner.

National culture of our countries is the necessary condition establishing appropriate balance between the system of decision-making, economy development and social well-being.

Through mutual consensus of men and women we have discovered an effective way to achieve and maintain peace. Preservation  of authenticity  and initial culture in the uniformity  of diversity, appreciation of each other’s value and development of the sense of compassion towards others is the path that each nation should tread to sustain the world balance.

We, women of Georgia and Ukraine, right away apply to representatives of educational sphere of all countries to prioritize development of a human, humanity and sense of compassion for other people.

Right now we, women of Ukraine and Georgia, are obliging the system of government of all countries to ensure career growth only for those leaders that facilitate the way to peace in their countries through decisions that decrease the level of aggression and violence.

We request the Secretary-General  of the United Nations to convey to the world leaders importance of developing participatory management and female democratic leadership that will promote development of better natural qualities of women and preserve geopolitical balance on Earth.

Dear ladies, let us assume responsibility for ensuring peace in the world and its perfection!

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”- this should become a basic postulate of women’s movement in the world. We are obliged to move forward along this difficult and arduous way to success in this high and responsible mission.

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