Christine Mirre Director CAP LC

Christine Mirre heads the Coordination of Associations and Individuals, for the Freedom of Conscience (CAP LC) a profit organization in Europe that focuses on advocating for and protecting the fundamental human right of freedom of conscience. Under her leadership CAP LC actively engages in initiatives to safeguard and promote this aspect of freedom.

Mirres significant work includes creating a policy framework aimed at preserving freedom of conscience throughout Europe. This involves advocating for policy changes engaging with decision makers and providing support to individuals and groups facing violations of their rights. Her efforts have been crucial in shaping standards. Ensuring that freedom of conscience is recognized and respected as a right.

Moreover Mirre has played a role in raising awareness about the importance of freedom of conscience. She has led campaigns organized conferences and published research to highlight the benefits of protecting this right. By engaging with the media and academic communities Mirre has greatly contributed to improving understanding and acknowledgment of the significance of freedom of conscience in societies.

Additionally Mirre has been actively involved in providing support and guidance to individuals and groups experiencing discrimination or persecution due to their beliefs or conscientious decisions. Through her initiatives she has significantly helped those, in need situations related to their convictions or principles.
Advocating for individuals facing challenges in exercising their freedom of conscience we strive to ensure their voices are heard and their liberties safeguarded.

With Mirres leading the way the Coordination of Associations and Individuals, for Freedom of Conscience (CAP LC) has emerged as a supporter of upholding freedom of conscience. It actively participates in efforts aimed at safeguarding this human right both in Europe and other parts of the world.

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