Professor Pietro NOCITA considerations on Rudy Salles report

Pietro Nocita is a professor of penal procedure and a penal attorney of Roma. He taught penal procedure at the University La Sapienza in Roma University which granted him a Diploma for Merit. He has been the attorney defending the only person in Italy convicted for the crime of Plagio, Mr. Braibanti. He is the scientific director of the historical legal magazine “The Penal Justice” established in 1893. He is the President of the Section “La Terza Roma” of the Italian Association of Giuseppe Mazzini (Associazione Mazziniana Italiana).

The Institute on Religion and Public Policy stands against discriminatory resolution at Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Mar 27, 2014 – The Chairman of the Board of the Institute on Religion and Public Policy wrote a letter to the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in order to point out the great danger of a report drafted by Rudy Salles, French member and rapporteur at PACE. Mr.s Salles is instructing PACE to adopt policies which would seriously harm religious freedom in EU.

Will the Council of Europe adopt French anti-sect policy?

On 7th April the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will vote on a report regarding “the protection of minors against excesses of sects”. The rapporteur Rudy Salles (France) recommends for Europe to adopt the french anti-sect line, in order to protect children from abuses. In the report he juxtaposes the French and the Swedish ways to relate to minority religions and surprisingly finds that the much criticised french anti-sect line with MIVILUDES and FECRIS would be better suited for the future of Europe.

Moscow Helsinki Group alerts PACE President about Religious Freedom issue

The famous Moscow Helsinki Group, by the voice of its co-founder Lyudmila Alexeyeva, a very well known freedom fighter since the 70s in the Soviet Union, wrote to Mrs Anne Brasseur, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to alert her about a report drafted by the member of the French delegation Mr Rudy Salles, which should be voted on April 10, 2014 by the Assembly.

Rudy Salles The Protection of Minors Against Sectarian Influence

I am writing not only to support FOREF’s complaint against Mr. Salles but to alert you to newly discovered facts that provide further proof that Mr. Salles is in breach of the PACE rules requiring objectivity and neutrality for Rapporteurs. In October 2012, the newspaper Nice Martin interviewed Mr. Salles and reported he had been appointed to the Board of MIVILUDES in October 2012. A copy of that news article dated 22 October 2012 is attached. Given MIVILUDES position and policies on the subject, this, in and of itself, constitutes a serious breach not only of the Code of Conduct for Rapporteurs but also of the Code of Conduct for Members of the Parliamentary Assembly. Mr. Salles should, at the very least, have removed himself as Rapporteur upon acceptance of this appointment.


A report on the “Protection of Minors Against Sectarian Influence” is in preparation at the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, monitored by French Member of Parliament Mr. Rudy Salles.

As stated by Mr. Salles, the purpose of this report is to convince other European countries to adhere to the French model to “fight” against so called “sects” or “sectarian movements”.

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