Human Rights Council
56th regular session of the Human Rights Council
18 June 2024 – 12 July 2024
Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience

We urgently draw your attention to the ongoing genocide against the Amhara people in Ethiopia, a crisis ignored by this council and its member states. Amhara women face catastrophic realities, including trafficking, gang rape, torture, and witnessing the brutal killings of their loved ones.

They have been looted, abducted, insulted, and humiliated by Oromo extremists, the Ethiopian government, and the TPLF. The international community’s inaction is unacceptable.

Additionally, the repression of Amhara women journalists and activists highlights the regime’s attempts to silence voices condemning the violence and the trafficking against women. Notable cases include Genet Asmamaw, Senait Ayalew, Genet Arage, Feven Zerihun, Filagot Abraham, and Meskerem Abera.

These women endure severe physical and psychological abuse for their courageous advocacy. We call for an urgent investigation and justice for these victims. The world must not turn a blind eye to the suffering of Amhara women.

Immediate intervention is necessary to end this violence and hold perpetrators accountable.

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