No Agreement with China May Ignore Human Rights

An open letter to the President and Prime Minister of the Republic of Italy Dear President Sergio Mattarella: Dear Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: Chinese President Xi Jinping is about to start his visit to Italy. We understand that China is an important commercial...

Dozens of Bitter Winter Reporters Arrested

12/27/2018 Lin Yijiang Accused of espionage and subversion, at least 45 contributors are in custody; the reporter who filmed a secret camp in Xinjiang “disappeared” after the arrest. In August 2018, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities designated Bitter...

Testimony on discrimination #1

In 1981 ADFI [Association de Defense de la Famille et de l’Individu, a French “anti-cult” group] lodged a complaint against ‘La Famille’. This resulted in a police raid against two of our communities in the south of France in 1993

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